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I love discussion. If done well it can help everyone learn, better process issues, grow, and better appreciate opposing view points.

If done poorly it can be like walking into a group of middle school girls after one got dumped and her best friend is the new flavor of the week. Heated, emotional, unproductive, and simply painful to bear! 

I will never delete a comment because you disagree with me or another commenter.

I will delete comments for these reasons:

  • You disagree in a way that is demeaning, mean spirited, and ungracious.
  • You do not even attempt to understand opposing view points, you would prefer to simply misrepresent them.
  • You aren’t looking for discussion or conversation, rather you enjoy insulting others and the occasional drive-by.

So, don’t be like this guy…



Instead, aim for these three things:

  1. Rightly understand and fairly represent opposing view points.
  2. Contribute to the discussion in a way gracious, edifying, and intelligent. 
  3. Deal with the issue being discussed, don’t attack the person. 

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