Welcome to my blog. There is nothing special here, but I am glad you are here nonetheless. My name is Matt Svoboda and I run this place (isn’t that the real reason most people blog?!). This means that all of the content here represents me and only me. Please don’t hold my opinions and ramblings against my poor wife, sons, or church! They don’t deserve that. 🙂

As you sharper ones have probably figured out by now, I am a husband, father, and pastor. I try to keep those three things balanced in that fashion, but as we all know things don’t always work out. With that said, I love being all of those things as they bring both joy and pain.


I have chosen to blog for a few reasons:

  1. I enjoy it. I like to write. It helps me to learn and grow when I write and process things with other people. My primary purpose for this blog isn’t for me to set myself up as some type of pseudo-authority and tell all of you little people how things are. Instead of that useless endeavor I much prefer to share my thoughts with others in a way that is productive and upbuilding. Hopefully as I do that constructive, edifying conversation can be had.
  2. Life is being lived online. Whether we like it or not, a whole lot of life is being lived online. People are talking, people are listening, and a lot of conversation is being had on the web. This is a great thing. It is also terrible thing. While there is definitely good conversation happenings, it is more of a rarity. A lot of people are raising their voices in order to hear themselves and to help stir up controversy. We need more voices that are voices for good. We need voices that strive to point one another up. We need voices that will think and articulate their thoughts with clarity and conviction. As I have already admitted once, things don’t always work out, but my hope is that this blog is used as a voice for good. 
  3. I have a responsibility. This goes right along with #2. I believe, as a follower of Jesus (even more specifically, as a pastor), that I have a responsibility to engage our culture, in love, to point people towards things that are true, beautiful, and good. Right now, Christians in America are losing ground, quickly. I am not talking about declining church attendance. We are losing ground in the sense that Christians are learning and being shaped more by their culture than they are their Christ. The internet is not to blame, it is simply helping the already existing problem grow exponentially. To summarize, I have a responsibility to engage my culture in the way my culture lives- online. Therefore, I blog.

What to Expect Here

As a person that is a pastor, husband, and father, those things will have an effect on what I write about. Others things that will influence this blog is the fact that I am very happy to be a theological conservative evangelical. I believe God not only created the world, but that he rules the world. Part of my responsibility who believes the gospel is to help others see what it looks like to walk in God’s grace, under God’s rule, for God’s glory.

With those things in mind, you can expect to see me write on a very wide range of topics:

  • Theology
  • Social Issues
  • Christian Living
  • Manhood- both as a husband and father
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Labors
  • Personal things
  • Sports Occasionally (I can’t help myself)

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