Graces Of God Often Forgotten

Psalm 9 (and many other passages) talk about recounting God’s wondrous deeds towards us… When I read these passages I typically go to “the big ones.” He saved me, awesome… He gave me a great family… sweet. And on and on….

For some reason, God really laid it on me to truly pause, and spend a couple hours reflecting, recounting his goodness and grace towards me. I was on the verge of tears for those couple of hours, truly grateful.

Here are some mega-graces I have often times forgotten or simply not given God enough glory for…

  • When my parents divorced God very purposefully placed some different godly men in my life that ministered to me in ways they won’t know until they get to heaven… Josh Thompson (my small group leader, Sunday School teacher, and simply phenomenal dude that showed me Jesus), Mike Recktenwald (a guy that hosted a poker night that became a great community for me. Often times, in my emotional mess, he would stop the poker game and have all the guys pray for me- most of them probably hated it, but I really needed it)…. thank you.
  • God protected me from viewing pornography. There were a few chances I had that when I look back it is simply astonishing how God guarded my eyes, more importantly my heart. For example, one night I was at a friends house and he asked his mom if we could order porn… she said yes. I wasn’t a christian at this point and I thought it was going to be awesome. Next thing I knew I became extremely nauseous and thought, “If I don’t fall asleep right now I am going to vomit.” I hate vomiting more than anything so I turned over and fell asleep, immediately.
  • Three years ago I prayed, “God, it seems to me I am not cut out for ministry. If you don’t show up and change my mind, I have got to get out.” So, I flew away to a conference, desperate for God to show up. In the back of my mind I kind of stopped believing he would do things like that. After the first message (which had nothing to do with pastors or what I was struggling with), the preacher started to pray… his first line was, “Father, I pray for whoever is in here and considering giving up and walking away.” I wept, then rejoiced.
  • Friendships. God has blessed me with incredibly rich friendships. They have been powerfully transforming for me. Yet, I rarely give them their proper due.
  • My dog, Frazier… You might think I am kidding, but I am not. Nothing has enriched my prayer life more than my dog. Me “walking the dog” has quickly become, “my walks with the Lord.” My mind is undistracted, it is quiet, and I set my thoughts on God… then I listen. It’s the first time in a long time I have had a rhythm of listening to God and very quietly enjoying his presence.
  • Great books. God has used a few books to really change me in major ways: to how I understand my Bible, to help expand my understanding of God, to grow my love for the church, and on and on I can go… Great books have certainly been a gracious gift to me.

I could keep going, but those have been the ones heavy on my heart this evening. May God allow me to spend more time, “recounting his wondrous deeds.”