My Four Favorite Things In My Four Years At The Bridge Church

It is July 1, a special day for me. On July 1st, 2011 I began my pastoral journey. By the grace of God, The Bridge Church took a chance on a 23 year old eager young man that wanted nothing more than to be a pastor and serve the church.

Now, it is four years later and a 100 post blog series couldn’t put into words all I have learned, am thankful for, how I have grown, etc.

But, now that it has been four years in full time ministry, thanks to The Bridge, here are my four favorite things from the last four years:


1) My fellow staff members. I have seen healthy and unhealthy staff/leadership environments. I have never seen a staff that genuinely loves, enjoys, and respects one another like the one I get to be a part of. My favorite thing about the last four years is, with all sincerity, the team I get to be a part of. They challenge me as a man, as a father, as a husband, and as a pastor. They pull out the best in me, expose the worst in me, and walk in grace with me all along the way.

2) My personal growth. I was 23 when The Bridge hired me. What does that mean? It means I had a lot of growing and learning to do. As a Christ follower and as a pastor, being in the ministry has forced me to grow in some tough, uncomfortable ways. But man, I am so grateful for it. I have had two rough seasons in my first four years at The Bridge. Both times I have come out the other side closer to Christ, more mature in my faith, and as a better pastor for the church I love.

3) Getting to be with and serve so many people. Getting to be their pastor is one of the greatest honors of my life, one that I carry with a lot of seriousness. I love getting to lead, walk alongside, serve, weep with, rejoice with, and simply have an “in” with so many families. God has made a bunch of really awesome people and it has been a great joy to get to have an opportunity to know so many of them. The relationships I have with so many families at The Bridge is easily one of my favorite things from the last four years.

4) Getting the inside look of God’s work in so many people’s lives. As a pastor it can be hard because you hear all of the hard, crushing stories. BUT, you also get to hear the crazy stories of redemption and grace that not everyone gets to hear. This aspect of being in the ministry the last four years has helped me stay in awe of God and humbled by his grace.