Pew Forum, Millennials, and Authentic Christianity

A new Pew Forum study was recently released on “America’s Changing Religious Landscape.” I thought it was very fascinating, but beyond that I think it is helpful.

A couple realities that are interesting:

1) Many people continue to write articles and say things like, “What millennials really want” and then they describe a mainline protestant experience.

2) Nothing took a bigger hit than mainline protestants. Millennials aren’t running towards mainline protestant churches at all.

A few thoughts on this:

1) Millennials want what everyone wants- something genuine. No style of any kind will “reach millennials.” Millennials will only be reached by an authentic christian community declaring and demonstrating an authentically grace-filled gospel, just like every other generation.

2) People often say something like, “If the church is going to survive they need to change with the times.” They typically mean, “Approve gay marriage, move past Roe vs. Wade, etc.” Well, that is what mainline protestants have done and they are dyeing quickly. Evangelicals haven’t budged on those social issues and they held par.

3) Authentic christianity will always be fine, no matter what country they are in and no matter what their culture hates about them. The gospel is the power of God to salvation and God will keep saving people.

What did you find interesting about the research? 

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