What I Want More Than Anything In This World

In the book, “Revival,” Martin Lloyd-Jones describes what life in the church is like in the midst of revival and in the seasons of the church when it is simply full of life.

Here is what he describes:

Then the church was filled with life, and she had great power; the gospel was preached with authority, large numbers of people were converted regularly, day by day, and week by week. Christian people delighted in prayer, You did not have to whip them up into prayer meetings, you could not keep them away. They did not want to go home, they would stay all night praying.

The whole church was alive and full of power, and of vigour, and of might. And men and women were able to tell of rich experiences of the grace of God, visitations of the Spirit, a knowledge of the love of God that thrilled them, and moved them, and made them feel that it was more precious than the whole world. And, as a consequence of all that, the whole life of the country was affected and changed. 

What I want more than anything is to experience that type of movement of the Spirit, that type of life within in the church, and that type of impact in our community and beyond.

May God awaken us and shake us out of apathy. May we “run the race” in order to “obtain the prize.”

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