The Grace Of Gathering With The Church

This morning was a unique, even special Sunday for me.

As my wife pointed out with glee, my family got to all go to church together today- IN THE SAME CAR!


My church moved our Sunday services to Christmas Eve Eve (deep breaths for all you Lord’s Day literalists!).This means, it is the one week a year that my home church doesn’t have services and so I get to “attend” church like a normal person. One thing pastors lose is the opportunity to participate in church gatherings with their families. I never realized how much I took that blessing for granted.

Like most people, I also used to take for granted the fact that I get to gather with the church at all. The difficult part now is that on Sundays I have a million things running through my head, overseeing dozens of volunteers, and taking care of all of my responsibilities. It makes it impossible to simply sit, rest, and appreciate the grace of God in allowing me to gather with church family. There is a real peace that comes from gathering under Christ- who is our peace- with our adopted brothers and sisters in Christ.

Well, this morning got to be different for me. It was a joy to get to gather with the church. It felt like peaceful rest. It felt like a lot of grace. Let’s not take this grace for granted.

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