My Best Moments With God

Like every relationship I like to know where things stand, where they are going, and I love knowing what I enjoy most with the people I am around. God typically shatters this. My relationship with Him tends to go against the grain of every other relationship I have.

This issue is control. I have a tendency to want to have tight control on my relationships. I am rarely stuck in a spot I don’t want to be.

With God, it doesn’t ever work like this. I am never the one in control. Things rarely happen how I plan or desire them to work out. When I am really looking for God to show up he typically always does, but rarely in the way I was hoping for.

My best moments with God are when I feel like a broken sinner and yet he fills me with awe and wonder. There are seasons, days, moments when despair can be the winning emotion and feeling. Yet, when things tend to go dark is when I most deeply feel these moment of grandeur of who God is and his glory.

My best moments with God is when he totally takes me off guard. When God throws something totally unexpected, unplanned at me I am often filled with joy and wonder because I know something supernatural is happening. Too many times I am the one that tries to counterfeit spiritual experiences or order and plan my life out. I attempt to be God way too often.

Glimpses of His glory, goodness and grace typically come when I need them most and am looking for them the least. It is as if God keeps letting me see my depravity so he can put me back in awe and wonder of who He is and what He has done on my behalf.

Yes, my best moments with God are when I “taste and see” that He is good and I quickly forget about myself.


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