Blogging Round Up :: Best of the Best

It Multiplied by Ray Ortlund

I remember hearing Michael Green at the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in 1974.  He asked us, Why don’t we see anywhere in the book of Acts a man-made strategic plan for evangelizing the world?  His answer: They didn’t have one.

What then did they have?  Two things, for starters: the fear of the Lord, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

In the fear of the Lord, they were teachable, they were humble, they were listening to the gospel, they were open and grateful and easily bendable.  They did not have a spirit of self-assurance.  They were eager to learn and grow and change in any way the Lord wanted them to.

5 Observations about Younger Southern Baptists by Trevin Wax

As a young Southern Baptist/Acts 29 pastor I thought his article was spot on.

His 5 points (but go read the whole thing):

1. Younger Southern Baptists have chastened expectations regarding political engagement.

2. Younger Southern Baptists tend to be Reformed-ish. 

3. Younger Southern Baptists tend to be theologically conservative without holding to certain cultural distinctives.

4. Younger Southern Baptists are all over the spectrum when it comes to eschatology. 

5. Younger Southern Baptists are focused more on local church ministry and less on Convention meetings.

Lighten Up, Christians: God Loves a Good Time by N.D. Wilson

We say we want to be like God, and we feel we mean it. But we don’t. Not to be harsh, but if we did really mean it, we would be having a lot more fun than we are. We aim for safety and cultural respectability instead of following our stated first principles: that we are made in God’s image and should strive to imitate him.


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