Some Books Just Make You Stop

I love to read. I go through different spurts on how much I read per month, yearly, etc. Typically, I am able to go through books pretty quickly. I don’t read for entertainment, but to learn. I want to learn, process, think about how to apply and move on to the next book.

Every once in awhile, maybe once a year, I pick up a book that just makes me stop. It is so good that I want to keep going and finish it, but it seems to take me forever. Every time I read it I end up putting it down because it so deeply resonates with my soul and/or ignites my mind in such a way that it takes me 100 times longer to process the book than it does to read the book.

I am in one of those right now. I am around 240 pages in, but I have been in this book since the beginning of the year. (to be fair, I have read 3 other books in this time as well). I cannot encourage pastors enough to go read The Pastor by Eugene Peterson. I love being a pastor, thinking about pastoral ministry, and growing in my understanding of the nature of the pastorate. This book has helped more than any other book.

It is a memoir so it is a little unique. Eugene Peterson isn’t simply teaching on the nature of pastoral identity and calling. He is sharing his story of being a pastor of 40+ years and taking me along with him in his journey.

Pastors, if you want to be encouraged greatly and challenged in a very healthy way you need to pick up this book. Though I am warning you, it will take you longer than you think!


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