Sunday Grace :: What does the “church growth” movement really know?

My pastor announced something that I love today. Some back story is important here… Several months ago our staff was talking through sermon series ideas and planning several months out. We decided to go through the Book of Lamentations to look at “the dark that beautifies the dawn.” It was a sermon series that focused God’s justice, his wrath, suffering, and man’s sin.

We ended the 5 week series today. What we realized this last week is that during this series we have:

  • seen a record number of people in our Worship Gatherings
  • grown in generosity and have had a record month in giving
  • we now have more people in a Missional Community than ever before

That is grace, people. Ask every supposed church growth “expert” how to grow to new heights in numbers, giving, and people getting connected and 0 of them will say, “Preach a series through Lamentations!”

It is God who draws people to himself and does a mighty work in the life of a church. He honors faithfulness. It is a great grace that I get to be a part of a church that is excited about preaching through Lamentations and that it is received with thankfulness.

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