March Madness :: Nebrasketball

BiVQQtMCQAEqv4gI have never gotten to fill in Nebraska’s name in a March Madness bracket before. It has been 15-16 years since the last time my Huskers made the tournament. Though this blog rarely gives mention to sports, I definitely felt this was worthy.

Nebraska was picked last in the Big 10 by media members and finished 4th in the conference. We have more conference wins than we have had since 1972-73 season. We beat Indiana twice, Minnesota, Ohio State, @Michigan State, and Wisconsin.

It has been a great season and we have exceeded all expectations. Today we aim to do something we have never done before: WIN A GAME IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT! #BeatBaylor

Win or lose, it has been an awesome year and we have a very bright future (we don’t lose 1 starter). With that said, I sure hope we win today! If you cheer for my Huskers today I will like you more.

Five Reasons Baylor Will Win

  1. They are Baptists. God clearly loves them.
  2. They are long and very athletic. They have a size advantage.
  3. They are one of the few teams even hotter than Nebraska right now.
  4. They play very good zone defense.
  5. They will have the best Big Man on the court- Jefferson.

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win

  1. They have the best scorer in the game- Petteway- led Big 10 in scoring.
  2. They drive to the hoop as well as anyone in the country.
  3. They are a top notch defense. They have held 8 of their last 9 opponents under 40% shooting.
  4. Tim Miles is an incredible in game coach and makes ridiculously good half time adjustments.
  5. They are a tough, gritty team that has very good intangibles.

Should be a great, tough game. Looking forward to it!

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