Abortion :: The American Conscience

Trevin Wax has posted another great blog post on the “abortion war” in our country. Abortion is an issue that Christians must not ever let up, but continue to fight for the sanctity of life. The blog post notes that abortion rights are winning the battles in the court room, but are losing the larger battle.

The Battle for the American Conscience

I agree with Culp-Ressler that the pro-choice lobby is winning in federal courts while losing the larger war. But I don’t think the battleground is primarily in legislatures. Instead, we’re locked in a battle for the consciences of the American people.

The hope of the pro-life community is a day when abortion is not simply “illegal,” but unthinkable. The goal is human rights for all human beings, to live in a country where human life is so esteemed that the very idea of abortion is as repulsive as the ancient Roman practice of infanticide or last century’s eugenics movement.

Here are some additional reasons abortion rights supporters are winning legal victories but losing the larger war.


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