Blogging Round Up: Best of the Best

Christians, We Are Repenters by Trevin Wax

“As a Baptist, I was one of the repenters. What separated our church from cultural Christianity we came into contact with was our insistence on repentance in response to God’s unmerited favor. In light of God’s grace, we called people to repent of their sins, their self-justification, and devote themselves wholly to Christ.

Ten years later, the necessity of repentance has become a watershed issue in the fading days of Christendom in the West. Contrary to popular belief, the evangelical church is not dying. Declining, perhaps. But wherever grace-driven repentance is preached and an out-of-the-mainstream lifestyle expected, people are still coming to faith.”

John Piper’s 12 Features of the New Calvinism 

I would LOVE for you to check them out and give me your thoughts… I think Piper has a good summary of what makes New Calvinism what it is. As someone who is happily put in that camp I think it describes our movement well.

Mark Driscoll Retracts Best Seller Book Status, Resets Life

This story makes me really happy. I love Mark Driscoll. He might not be as much in my “camp” as he used to be, but that is fine. He is a Christian brother and a very “big name” and it is always good to see public repentance and a reset life. Good for him, good for the Kingdom.

Here is a cool, helpful info graphic of all the “One Another” passages.

The Greek word we get “one another” from is used 100 times in the New Testament. 1/3 of the time it is about unity. 1/3 of the time it is about love. 15% of the time it is about a humility towards others.

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