Blogging Round Up :: Best of the Best

Jesus, The Good Pastor by Jared Wilson

“But I love Jesus’ pastoral heart. “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” Jesus is patient with his people. He plods. He knows how to hand out bread day by day.”

What Should Christians Think Of Governments That Criminalize Homosexuality by Russell Moore

“To this end, though, we believe a nation can teach a positive truth in its laws about marriage and sexuality without prohibiting and targeting its opposite. For example, we believe the role of the state should be to promote the stability of families and to provide appropriate incentives for children to be welcomed into homes with both a mother and a father. Our own government (along with many others around the world) has too often ignored this function of the state through failed policies emanating from no-fault divorce, among others.”

5 Evidences of Complementarian Gender Roles by Denny Burk

“The first man Adam acts as the leader in this first marriage, and Eve is called to follow his leadership. God’s appointment of Adam as leader comes out in at least five ways in Genesis 2.”

“In all of these ways, Genesis 2 establishes Adam’s leadership role with his wife. This ordering appears before sin entered the world, and is thus part of God’s good creation to be embraced as the norm for all marriages. Genesis 2 presents our first parents as the paradigm for all marriages that follow.”

Christians, Cut Matthew McConaughey Some Slack by Marty Duren

“Only Matthew McConaughey knows where he is on his spiritual journey.
I know not whether MM is a new believer, a seeker, someone returning to faith or just someone acknowledging a God he knows nothing about. Until he talks about it at length all of us are guessing. Since we are guessing a little grace is in order.”

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