My Favorite Thing About Being A Pastor

There are a lot of things that I absolutely love about being a pastor. While I could write a lot of things about the hard aspects of being a pastor, it is minuscule compared to what I love. If I had a chance to choose a vocation 10 times I would pick pastor, every. single. time. I was simply made for it.

Yet, the thing I love the most about being a pastor has nothing to do with me at all. As a pastor I get to see, experience, and walk through all sorts of messy situations, hurt, and suffering with people.

It is in this context that I get to experience my favorite thing about being a pastor: seeing radical grace get immeasurably applied to seriously desperate people. 

That, by far, is my favorite thing about being a pastor. For some reason, God has simply made me comfortable walking into messy situations. Once I am there I absolutely adore the opportunity to speak gospel truth and then sit back and watch radical grace get applied to people who desperately need it.

Every time I am in these situations I am reminded of God’s radical grace to me. I know how transformative grace has been in my life and I simply get a spiritual high from seeing the same transformative grace get applied to others.

People come to me with deep, dark sins they have committed. They also come to me with incredibly painful sins that have been committed against them. Yet, God shows that his grace is much bigger than any sins we have committed and any sins that have been committed against us.

Jesus left the glory of heaven to step into the mess of earth so that saving grace can be applied to everyone who repents and believes. As a pastor he allows me to step into mess on a consistent basis and help apply that same grace to those who are hurt and needy. He gives me a front row seat to see gospel power on display. There is nothing in the world that I enjoy more.

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