The Attack On Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

I watched the video and it is dangerous and disturbing. It says, “When we let go of the idea of what it means to be a girl or to be a boy, we allow our children to unleash their true selves and reach their full potential.” I once had a lady say something very similar to me, “We have to stop raising our kids to be men and women and simply start raising them to be people.”  

On the surface this video might look harmless…. good even. It points to several real issues  that need addressed. We all ought to fight against women being objectified and being valued purely based on how sexy and beautiful they are. We ought to fight for equality in the work place between men and women. If a male and a female are doing the same job with the same amount of efficiency the pay ought to be the same! We shouldn’t feed into unhealthy stereotypes about gender like “men should never cry,” “power is ultimate,” and “women are as valuable as their body is hot.”

On a deeper level though, this video cuts directly against the basic foundation of humanity. The foundation that God made male and female. I agree that there are unjust and sinful things (though they would never use that word to describe it) that need to be fought against. The problem is they get the solution all wrong. The solution proposed is diminishing the fact that there is in fact male and female. The “progressive” mind seems to think there is freedom in undermining the basic differences between men and women and forcing the two genders together as if genitalia is the only thing separating the two sexes.

This way of thinking is faulty and in fact greatly hinders our kids. My sons can’t “reach their full potential” if they don’t even know they are moving towards becoming a menIt does not liberate my sons to ignore the realities that they were born male. It does the opposite. This thinking will only add confusion to our children as they see the inherent differences on the playground and how they interact, despite being told there is no distinction.

Can you imagine this line of thinking in the civil rights movement? “We should all get along because there really isn’t black and white. We are all just people, no differences between us.” Sounds nice… until I open my eyes and see that I am white and my good friend BJ is black. There wasn’t discrimination because people recognized they have different skin color. Discrimination existed and still exists because some people get this idiotic idea that they are somehow inherently better than those that are different than they are. The remedy isn’t to deny the differences. The remedy is to rejoice in our differences and understand our value comes from who made us, not what color or what gender we turned out to be.

Children reach their full potential when they are told and shown that they were made in Gods image, either as male or female. God didn’t simply decide, “I need to make some people. For procreation purposes I have to provide two different kinds of genitals. So these ones will have genitalia A and these ones will have genitalia B.” Scripture tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When God chose to create my sons, in his wisdom, he chose to make them distinctly male.

My role is to teach them through my words and by example what it means to be a man. A man that loves and serves his wife. A man that has his life built on the foundation that God has set and revealed to us in His word. God has given my sons meaning and purpose. He saw it fit for them to live out that purpose as men in this world.

A person is never more fully valued when we are asking them to undermine the very way in which they were made. We ought to rejoice in the differences between make and female. There is not a “greater” sex. One gender will never be superior over the other. We get our value from being image bearers. We were made in God’s image. In his image we were made male and female.

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