4 thoughts on “Navigate The Madness: Jesus, Cake, and Gay Weddings

  1. I wish that the law had been more specific and less broad, it still would have made people angry, but it would have clarified things and not left it as open season for painting it with broad cries of discrimination.

    The law could have simply been:

    Any business that is either directly or indirectly involved in the planning, catering, photographing, or signage of events may choose not to participate in or host an event where the purpose or message of the event goes against their religious or personal beliefs. If a business decides to refuse such an event, they must provide information about companies that provide similar services.

    It keeps it focused on the message behind it, not the people.

    • Yes!

      You nail the issue Andy. When Christians choose not to “bake the cake” they are NOT discriminating against the people, they are standing against the event. Those two things are very different.

      That is THE difference between Jim Crow days and this. The two things just shouldn’t be compared.

    • Darius,

      I agree that he did a good job at making it simple… Yet, I think he failed miserably when he says simple is “fair and just” and then proposes something that isn’t fair or just at all.

      I am VERY glad that businesses cannot refuse service to someone based on race anymore. We should not be allowed to discriminate against the person. We should be allowed to refuse participating in the production of an event or service that stands against our conscience or religious beliefs. To me, that distinction is VERY important and yet offers a very simple solution.

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