What Does My Life Say About My God?

Much of the world thinks very little of our God because our lives speak very little of Him. Our lives almost beg our neighbors to not take God seriously.

Our worship of God reveals what we truly think about God and what we feel towards God. Our lives will tell us and everyone about us what we really believe about God.

Do we not speak of Him in the same ways we speak about enjoying our kids, spouses, friends? Is he not presented to our culture as an add-on that we get some satisfaction out of, but not as a marvelous light? 

I pray that my life would declare to my friends, family, and neighbors that my God is an all consuming fire. Sadly, to many of us even saying that- “God is my all consuming fire”- is a little further than we want to go. We are scared to look like the spiritual nut-job. We don’t want to look like the religious dude that takes things too seriously and makes people uncomfortable. This leads us to minimizing the role of God in our life and tempts us to keep him hidden away.

But what does this communicate to our culture? Why would they ever want to worship a God that we would be willing to minimize in any way? They are proud of their idols and they look our way and find us hiding our God. As we try to make God look more attractive to the lost world we render him useless. 

Where does this come from? Why do we have this tendency to minimize God in our life? Why does our life not affirm what we say we believe at our deepest core?

I don’t know that answer for you, but I know it for me… I am simply not utterly captivated by Him as I once was. I am not stricken with wonder at the glory and majesty of God as I was on the day of my salvation. I have lost my awe of Who He Is.

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, and is, and is to come.”

God has not changed. He is as magnificent today as he has ever been and always will be. It is I who has changed. I have shifted my gaze away from the goodness and glory of God. We all have the tendency to shift our gaze in the wrong direction.

When we shift our gaze away from the glory of God we begin to have a smaller and smaller view of God. If we are honest, many of us will confess we have a much smaller view of God than what we see in the Bible. Pathetic worship is birthed out of a pathetic view of God. A life of worship that is highly exalting, reverent, full of joy, and has a weight of holiness is birthed out of a heart and mind that is transfixed by the greatness of God.

Thankfully, when we have seasons of shifted gaze God doesn’t smite us with anger and throw us away. No, he has given us His Spirit to rebuke, exhort, and encourage. In the last 24 hours that is exactly what God has done for me. He has rebuked me for gazing at wonders that pale in comparison to his majesty, he has exhorted me to fix my eyes on Jesus- the founder and perfecter of my faith, and he has encouraged my heart to walk in His grace. He will do the same for you.

2 thoughts on “What Does My Life Say About My God?

  1. This is a great word. I think Josh hit on this recently when he said, paraphrasing, “the root of all of our sins is based on the deeply hidden fear that what God wants for us isn’t what is best for us.” I completely agree with your suggestion that our hesitancy to live in total abandon and freedom in our pursuit of God is based on some variety of shame and fear. In reality, Christ took shame and fear to the cross along with our sin. For my sake, I want to strive to live as if when He said, “It is finished,” that He meant it.

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