Why Christianity Is The Greatest Movement In Human History

All kinds of movements are happening all the time. Some are very serious, some are quite trivial. There are some movements that seem to be here one minute, gone the next. But, sometimes there is a movement within human history that, in fact, changes global landscape. There are movements that change the course of history. Some of these movements are based on pure military power and purpose, others on religious belief, and some are simply trends that go from society to society wreaking havoc.

There is one movement, though, that stands above the rest- Christianity. You don’t have to be a Christian to see and believe this. Historians concede the fact that nothing in the history of the world has had the type of global impact that Christianity has. The breadth and longevity of Christianity is matched by nothing and no one.

Why? Why has Christianity stood the test of time? Why has it stood against numerous attacks, criticisms, and enemies? Why can seemingly nothing take it down?

1) Christianity has a perfect author. He is not only the author of Christianity, but the author of all human history. The Person being the steering wheel in this movement is a God that cares more about his creation than anything else. He cares about how he created it, how it fell, and how he is restoring it. Christianity is simply a story being written by a perfect author writing a perfect story that he will end at a perfect time. Every moment starts somewhere, with someone… Only Christianity starts with someone who Was, and Is, and Is To Come.

2) Christianity is the only movement that fully understands Love and is fueled by it. Very few movements have been fueled by love. Many movements are destructive, many are started with selfish ambitions, but a few are love-based. Some of these movements meet spiritual needs, emotional needs, physical needs, social needs, psychological needs, etc. Christianity is the only movement that seeks to restore the whole person, and the whole world for that matter. In Christianity, love means restoring people and all of creation to its highest glory. This love it what fuels its entire existence and mission.

3) Christianity is based on a bloody cross that supersedes the wisdom of this world and displays true power. A lot of movements display power. These movements are usually marked by military power, weapons of this world. The power in Christianity starts with a bloody cross. The power of most movements typically demand deaths of many. The power of Christianity only demanded the death of one Man. Christianity doesn’t need what is considered “power” to this world, it has its own. It doesn’t even need the “wisdom” of the world. Wisdom of the world says you have to outsmart those around you. Wisdom of Christianity says it isn’t more brains you need, it’s a savior.

4) Christianity is based on truth. Despite thousands of books, so called “evidence,” and uncountable attacks… Christianity still stands. It has a serious backbone. People have wanted to snap it in half for centuries. Yet, it stands strong. Its strength is derived from the truthfulness of its claims.

5) Christianity transcends all cultures. Christianity is as un-cookie cutter as it gets. True Christianity never imposes one culture on another. Same message everywhere, but its shape is able to adapt as needed. It transcends every context and every culture. This gives it the ability to move rapidly and without borders.

6) Christianity has transformative power. Force is not needed for Christianity to continue to spread. The secret sauce of Christianity is its transformative power. Christianity is an equal opportunity offender. There isn’t one person on the planet out of its reach. It takes the nicest of men and the worst of sinners. It takes them and transforms them. Why do so many countries work so hard to keep Christianity out? Why do they murder people for simply sharing its message? Why are they so threatened? They have seen and they have heard of its transformative power. Christianity is an unstoppable force because it transforms person, after person, after person…

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