If They Were Killing [Liberals]


“45 liberals- including women and children- were killed, several tortured to death.”

Can you imagine the outcry? It would be the only thing passed around on Facebook as every media outlet would be all over it.

Of course you haven’t heard this story because it didn’t happen… to liberals. It did happen to Christians. In late October one of the worst massacres of Christians in a long time happened in Syria. 45 Christians- including women and children- were killed, several tortured to death. We don’t need to ask the question why are Muslim extremists killing Christians. We know that answer. We need to ask the question, why isn’t it being reported?

Would it not be reported if it were liberals? Or humanitarians? Or politicians?

The fact of the matter is that we live in a country with a very seared conscience. We care deeply, about ourselves. We care about our agendas, our people, our wealth, and our power. We typically brush off the things that don’t help us accomplish those things.

Liberals are known for their “bleeding hearts” and caring about the helpless. They bring a lot of awareness to human/sex trafficking, they pass policies they believe will help the poor, and they have a significantly more gracious stance on immigration than their counterparts.

But when it comes to stories about Christians being massacred… silence.

Again, seared conscience. The story of 45 Christians, including women and children, being tortured killed is heart wrenching. It is gruesome. It is worthy of reporting.

Let’s be fair and honest though. This isn’t just liberals. We are all guilty of turning our eyes away from some stories and zoning in on others, depending on our agenda.

Liberals, conservatives, christians, atheists, everyone is guilty. This can be seen on the macro and micro level. For instance, when people on “our side” are involved with something suspect or shady we typically always give them the benefit of the doubt. When someone on the “other side” is involved with something suspect or shady we declare them guilty and throw them out.

We only yell for justice when our justice is being infringed. We yell for justice when doing so helps our agendas, our people, our wealth, and our power. This reveals that we don’t really care about justice at all. We only care about ourselves. We pick and choose what injustices to stand against according to what benefits us and our causes.

None of us want to think ourselves guilty of this. It is always they who are guilty. Those scoundrels! America has a seared conscience. You have a seared conscience. I have a seared conscience. This is precisely why we need a moral center that is not made up by man. We can’t be the final determiners of right, wrong, justice, and injustice. We are too self serving. We are too guilty.

Our seared conscience leads to a distorted picture and practice of justice. Yes, I am mad that our media doesn’t care enough to report when Christians are massacred. Especially when we get more Miley Cyrus per week than I want in my lifetime. It doesn’t matter to me who it is; christians, muslims, agnostics, jews, men, women, children- everyone bleeds and dies the same. Injustice is injustice, no matter who the perpetrator and victim is.

When I first read the story linked above I was outraged. I wanted to write a long post railing on and on about how awful our liberal media is. The more I thought about it the more I realized it is a lot deeper than that. This is deeper than one group of people. This is a humanity problem. It is a you and me problem.

It reveals the same thing to all of us: we desperately need God. We need someone who knows, proclaims, and lives true justice. We need someone whose righteousness is not thwarted by man-made agendas. We need someone who is Just and a Justifier.

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