Top 5 Commercials of 2013

I hate commercials, until I don’t. I typically feel burned every time I am watching a show or movie and a  dang commercial starts playing. I feel cheated. But every once in awhile I feel moved. I decided to do this post because I am a communicator. I communicate things all the time as a pastor, through a lot of different avenues. Due to my hatred of commercials I absolutely love when I am caught off guard by one. Sometimes I am caught off guard by a great story, moment, or humor. But every single time one truly grabs my attention it makes me want to really pay attention to the message. Most the time I couldn’t care less about the product being sold, but simply because I was grabbed by the commercial I AT LEAST want to know what is being sold or what message is being delivered.

As a pastor and communicator this is a good reminder for me. I, a pastor, can learn how to better communicate from commercials such as these. Also, some of these are just awesome. I hope you enjoy these commercials as much as I do!

1) Guinness 

This one probably moved me more than any other commercial in 2013.

2) God Made a Farmer

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I come from a family of farmers. I loved this commercial. I also remember hearing Paul Harvey on the radio as a boy riding around with my parents.

3) Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

This commercial is awesome for many reasons. My favorite reason is the message- pure brotherhood. I think deep male friendships are a lost art today. Thankfully, I have been blessed with more than a few deep male friendships. Every man needs this type of camaraderie with other men. This commercial is also good because of the twist at the end.

4) Volvo Trucks

You had to know this was going to be on the list. It’s Jean Claude Van Damme, doing the splits, between two trucks, that are moving. Epic indeed.

5) GEICO “Hump Day” Commercial

Maybe it is as simple as, I am a Youth Pastor that meets on Wednesday nights. This commercial got a lot of traction with me and I think it is hilarious.

What did you all think about these? Any other nominees? 

One thought on “Top 5 Commercials of 2013

  1. I’ve been watching TV every day since early 1952. Your 1) above is, by a long way, the finest commercial I’ve ever seen.

    Good runner up is the commercial many years ago about guys playing darts in a bar .. and one guy pulls out his own custom set of darts, to which the others players remark “I think we’ve been had”.

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