Jesus Knows Mess, It is Why He Came

Jesus knows mess: when he was in the womb his parents were talking divorce, his parents forgot him at the temple when they were traveling, some of his closest friends were tax collectors-political zealots, he was betrayed by someone close to him, his hometown rejected him, the religious leaders hated him, and the one who could have protected him chose to “wash his hands of him.” He was tempted in every way that we are, he felt more physical, spiritual, and emotional pain than we can imagine.

Yet, he came anyway… No, that doesn’t catch it. He didn’t come in spite of the mess, he came because of the mess.

The birth of Jesus, amid the mess, was the sign of new things to come. Jesus came into the world in order to restore it to its former state… without mess. For a lot of families Christmas is a time to try to forget the mess, forgot the problems, and forgot the pain. 

Don’t do that. Don’t use the season to avoid the mess. If Christmas shows us anything it shows us that God cares way to much about us and he loves us way to deeply to simply forget the mess. We say “Jesus is the greatest gift of Christmas” because he is. 

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life- despite being tempted in every way that we are. He went to the cross, suffered, bled, and died, was laid in a tomb for three days, and then rose from the dead. After this He ascended into Heaven, and poured out His Holy Spirit upon us.

When we feel, embrace, and trust the reality of those truths our mess becomes light, Jesus becomes great, and our families become transformed. Don’t fear the mess, for Jesus has overcome the world.

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